Exposed HubSpot API Keys Compromise 1.6 Million Users’ Data

Authors: Arshit Jain, Ashikka GuptaEditors: Deepanjli Paulraj, Syed Shahrukh Ahmed If you want to develop a steady and profitable business, you must have strong ties with your clientele. The process of honing these relationships, on the other hand, can be rather difficult. When it comes to engaging with your clients, having a Customer Relationship Management or CRM … Read more

Exposed Payment Integration API Keys Imperil Millions of Users’ Transaction Details and PII

Authors: Arshit Jain and Sai Ahladini Tripathy, BeVigil Team Editor: Isha Tripathi, Information & Analytics Squad Widespread Exposure of API Keys Imperils the Mobile App Ecosystem   APIs have revolutionized how apps are developed and used. They make it easy for developers to build apps that communicate with multiple sources and efficiently manage data flowing to and … Read more