BeVigil 3.0 Release Notes: BeVigil OSINT API Launch, redesigned blog and logo, credit changes, and much more!

What’s New 🚀✨ BeVigil OSINT API Launch We are happy to announce the launch of the NEW BeVigil OSINT Service! The BeVigil OSINT Service is an innovation to aid asset discovery from mobile apps and create a new channel for asset recon. We have created and maintained a searchable repository of more than half a million … Read more

Unraveling Assets from Android Apps at Scale

Authors: Sparsh Kulshrestha, Shashank BarthwalBeVigil OSINT API public documentation History of Data Gathering and Scanning Over the years, large-scale scanning of the internet has enabled the security community to identify widespread vulnerabilities and mitigate them before they can be exploited. The first project in this category was started in 1998 at Bell Labs, it was called … Read more

BeVigil 2.0 Release Notes: Enhanced detection for vulnerabilities, secrets, trackers, a brand-new UI, search suggestions, and much more!

What’s New 🚀✨ Security Report You said, we did! BeVigil 2.0’s security report has changed both in terms of quantity and quality of relevant data for its users. With a brand-new UI, all the information you need is presented in a modern and intuitive dashboard! Here’s what’s new in the security report:  Detect sensitive assets … Read more