Unraveling Assets from Android Apps at Scale

Authors: Sparsh Kulshrestha, Shashank BarthwalBeVigil OSINT API public documentation History of Data Gathering and Scanning Over the years, large-scale scanning of the internet has enabled the security community to identify widespread vulnerabilities and mitigate them before they can be exploited. The first project in this category was started in 1998 at Bell Labs, it was called … Read more

The Surge of Cybersecurity Challenges in Neobanking

We Analyzed 31 Neobanking Apps and Found a Range of Security Issues Neobanking has recently become a buzzword in the fintech world. On a global scale, Neobanks are taking over the fintech industry. A Neobank is a type of digital bank that does not have physical locations. Neobanking does not require you to be physically … Read more

Dangerous Android Permissions To Look Out For In Your Apps

Authors: Ashikka Gupta, Sudipta PanditEditor: Deepanjli Paulraj, Nithya Kurian Android is the leading mobile operating system in the world with over 70% of all mobile devices worldwide running Android as of July 2021. You can download almost any kind of app from the Play Store, but before installing it, do you just select Accept to all permissions? … Read more